The most absurd way to play Pokemon


There have been countless gimmick / challenge Pokemon runs over the years but I’ve never seen anything quite like this. There’s a twitch channel that has been doing a run of Red/Blue… with a slight catch. The game sources its button inputs exclusively from the text in the chat and at time of writing the stream peaked at about 15000 viewers. That means you’ve got 15000 people scrambling over whether to stop and catch an Abra, try and take on Gary or just straight trolls who like watching the world burn. Couple that with a 45 second stream delay and you’ve got the most maddening and incredible Pokemon play-through I have ever seen.

You can check out the madness here. Amazingly, they’ve already got a couple of badges!

edit: 4 badges down and the stream broke 100k concurrent viewers.

  • beastwoof

    some people just like to see the world burn and type start.

  • beastwoof

    some people just want to watch the world burn and type start.